Grading, Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Romania

Grading System

Different levels of education in Romania have different grading scales. 

Primary Education

Romanian primary schools use a 4-point grading scale.

 Grade Description (In English) Description (In Romanian)
 9-10 Very Good Foarte Bine (FB)
 7-8 Good Bine (B)
 5-6 Sufficient-Pass Satisfăcător (S)
 4 and less Insufficient-Fail Nesatisfăcător (I) 

Secondary and Higher Education

In lower-secondary, high schools and higher education institutions, a 10-point grading scale is used. The minimum passing grade is 5. There is no 0.

 GradeDescriptionEquivalent ECTS
 10 Excellent
 9 Very goodA-minus- 
 8 Good B
 6-7 Satisfactory C
 5 Sufficient
 1-4  Unsatisfactory F

Language of Instruction

In Romania, the language of instruction is mainly Romanian. English, German and French are also used. The state takes the responsibility to provide education in minority languages up to the following level:
  • In Russian- a considerable part of pre-school education at least to those students whose families requested. 
  • In Bulgarian, Czech- a considerable part of primary education
  • In Croatia- a substantial part of secondary education
  • In Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Slovak- secondary education
  • In German and Hungarian- higher education

Academic Year

The school year in Romania is split up into 2 semesters:

The first semester commences in mid September and goes on until end of January, from kindergarten to high school. 

The second semester starts from mid-February and continues until mid June, including 1-2 weeks break in April.
Summer vacations start from mid-June and ends in September. 

Each semester is followed by 3 to 4 weeks of examinations. 
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