Education Structure in Romania

The Romanian education system is divided mainly into two levels: Pre-university education and Higher Education. Pre-university educational level includes the school education, while the higher/tertiary education consists of higher education institutions

Pre-School Education

Type of school: Kindergarten
The pre-schools comprises of three groups-
  • Junior/small group: for children aged 3-4
  • Middle group: for children aged 4–5
  • School Preparation group, or Upper group: for children aged 6–7
Ages: 3-6 (or 7)

Primary Education

Type of School: Elementary school Şcoala Primară
Grade: 1-4
Ages: 6-10/7-11
Duration: 4 years

Secondary Education

Secondary education in Romania comprises of middle and high schools. 

Middle School (Gymnasium)

School type: Lower- secondary schools (Gimnaziu Lower cycle of high school or Gimnaziu "arts and trade schools")
Grades: 5-10
Ages: 10-16
Duration: 6 years
Certificate awarded: Certificat de Capacitate

Upper Secondary School (High School)

School type: Liceu
Grades: 11-13
Duration: 3 years 
Ages: 16 to 19
Curriculum: Upper secondary school is split up into science, technical orientation and humanities streams.
Credential awarded: Diploma de Bacalaureat (after passing a baccalaureate examination called the examenul de bacalaureat).

Vocational Secondary School

School/level: Professional education (Scoala Profesionala)
Grades: 9 and 10
Duration: 2 years
Ages: 14-16/15-17
Credential: Diploma de Bacalaureat

Technological Secondary School

School/level: Specialised high school (Liceu de Specialitate)
Ages: 15-19
Duration: 4 years
Credential: Baccalaureate diploma (Diploma de Bacalaureat (Atestat) de (Vocational Certificate)

Post-Secondary Education

School Type: Post-secondary school (Şcoala Post-Liceală)
Ages: 19-22
Duration: 3 years
Credential: Diploma de Absolvire a şcolii Post-Liceale de Specialitate

Higher Education

Education level: University
Ages: 18-23
Certificates awarded: bachelor, master, PhD, diploma and graduation certificate

University First Level

Duration: 3 years
Certificate awarded: Graduate Diploma ( Diplomă de Absolvire) ; Bachelor (Diplomă de Licenţă) , short -term ( 3 years ) or long- term diplomas (4 to 6 years , according to the field of study ) .

University Second Level

Duration: 1-2 years
Certificate awarded: Postgraduate Diploma- Master (Diplomă de Studii Aprofundate)

University Third Level

Duration: 4-6 years
Certificate awarded: Title of doctor in a particular field.


Education level: Post-university
Age: 22 and above
Credential: Diploma
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