Baccalaureate Exam in Romania

High school pupils graduating from a College, Liceu or Grup Şcolar must sit for a National Baccalaureate Exam (In Romanian: Examenul Naţional de Bacalaureat, or bac). The national baccalaureate exam is a highly centralized national examination, and consists of two or three oral exams and four or five written exams, generally extending on the course of one and a half weeks in late June and September. 

The examination is supervised by the high school teachers or university professors. Students who wish to enroll in a university are required to take the Baccalaureate exam.  

Exam Structure 

The National Baccalaureate Exam consists of six exams as follows:

Exam A/1 (Proba A/1)-Romanian Language and Literature (Oral Examination): This exam is an oral exam where the candidate selects a literature subject and a text comprehension subject randomly. Candidates are given 15 minutes to think. This exam is held in front of 3 people and is public.
  • Duration: 10 minutes 
Exam C/1 (Proba C/1): This exam is taken by the candidates whose education is done in a language other than the Romanian, generally in the language of the ethnic group.
  • Duration: 10 minutes
Exam B (Proba B) - A foreign language (Oral Examination): This exam is an oral exam wherein the candidate is required to select a foreign language from the following options: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. The selection of the foreign language is done upon registration for the examination. The candidate is required to select randomly 1 subject with 2 questions- reading comprehension and speaking. A 15 minutes thinking time is given to the candidate to build their answers.
  • Duration (answering time): 10 minutes
Exam A/2 (Proba A/2) - Romanian Language and Literature (Written Examination): The Exam A/2 is a written exam that comprises of an essay on a literature topic and a text consisting of 10-20 questions. The text-based questions are like to find a metaphor and an oxymoron in the text or comment the following passage in 10 or less lines. 

Exam C/2 (Proba C/2):  This exam is for those whose teaching is done in a language other than Romanian.
Exam D (Proba D): This is a written examination and consists of a compulsory subject depending on the study programme followed in high school. Candidates who have completed technical or services programme, or real studies can take up math. Candidates who have completed humane studies or vocational studies can select between Romanian History and Geography.  However, the difficulty level of the exam varies depending on the academic programme undertaken in the high school.
The exam consists of multiple-choice questions (15%),  fill in the gaps (15%) and detailed answers type questions. 
  • Duration: 3 hours
Exam D (Proba D): This is a written exam wherein the candidates can select the subject of their choice from the fields considered as the central part of the academic programme followed in high school. A real studies student can select from chemistry, physics, biology and computer programming; a technical student/railway mechanic can select from mechanical Instruments and machines, physics, technical instruments and measures or railway maintenance; a human studies/languages student can select from Latin or a different language than the one in Exam B. 
Students who select basic accounting- services program are required to use an account sheet illustrating the function of each account.

Exam E (Proba E): This exam can be written or practical. Candidates select from the subjects that were taught in high school. A real studies student can select up to 20 subjects, from philosophy to physical education; a student in humane studies/social sciences can select from math to biology as well as physical education. 

Candidates can sit for the exams in any language, except for the language exam. 


A scale of 1 to 10 is being used and each examination is marked from 1 to 10 with 10 indicating the best. Two decimal marking is used for written exams and an integer for an oral exam. Each exam is checked and marked by two separate correctors agreeing on the mark based on a nationwide guideline. 
The total mark for the baccalaureate exam is the arithmetic mean average of the 6 or 8 marks acquired.  In order to pass, a pupil must get an average score of a minimum 6.00 and at least 5.00 at each of the individual examinations.  A pupil who scores 10 is awarded special honors (Absolvent cu Merite Deosebite). 
If the student fails in an exam, he/she can retake the exam in which failed. One can retake the exam 5 times.  

Dates and Deadlines

Exam is held in June/July. Students who have failed in the exam can reappear for it in September. 

Romanian Baccalaureate

Students who graduate high school (In Romanian: liceu) are required to sit for a Romanian baccalaureate. The Romanian Baccalaureate is an exam conducted in Romania and Moldova.  


The baccalaureate comprises of five modules, each one marked individually. Module E is a written examination, which is considered for admittance into higher education in Romania.
The subjects except subject A depend on the profile studied: natural sciences (In Romanian: științe ale naturii), mathematics and computer science (In Romanian: matematică-informatică), social sciences (In Romanian: științe sociale), philology (In Romanian: filologie), or various other vocational tracks (In Romanian: filiera vocaţională), and the candidate's choice.

Competence Exams

A, B and D are marked as: Beginner, Average, Advanced and Experienced

A: Romanian language - oral examination
B: Maternal Language (different from Romanian and studies) - oral examination
C: foreign language - oral and written examination. This exam is graded on the CEFR scale, from A1 to B2
D: Computers-This exam tests the computer skills

Written Exams

The duration of each written exam is 3 hours and comprises of:
  • Romanian Language and Literature
  • Maternal Language and Literature - if different from Romanian, and studied
  • Compulsory subject (of the profile)
  • Subject to be chosen (of the profile)

 Profile Compulsory SubjectSubject to be Chosen 
 Theoretical: Sciences Mathematics Computer Science, Physics, Biology or Chemistry
  Theoretical: Humanities History Geography,Logic, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy
  Technological: Technical Mathematics Computer Science, Physics, Biology or Chemistry
 Technological: Services Mathematics Geography,Logic, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy
 Vocational: PedagogyHistory Geography,Logic, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy
 Vocational: Military Mathematics Computer Science, Physics, Biology or Chemistry
 Vocational: Other History Geography,Logic, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy


A marking scale of 1 to 10 is used with 10 being the best. Students must score at least 5.00 in each subject and 6.00 overall in order to pass the exam. 

For latest updates, exam dates and syllabus etc see official website
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