Scholarships for International Students in Romania

International students are admitted at Romanian institutions on the basis of scholarships awarded by Romania, unilaterally or in the framework of bilateral agreements, through the able authorities in their countries or on the basis of scholarships and grants provided by other states or by international organizations. 

The non-EU country citizens can be admitted in universities in Romania on their own expense, paying the tuition fees or by receiving scholarships provided by the Romanian state. 

Romanian Scholarships to International Students in Romania

Scholarships Offered by the Romanian State

Romanian Scholarships through Bilateral Co-operation Agreements

The international students are offered Romanian scholarships by the Romanian state in keeping with bilateral agreements in force or with unilateral offers made by Romania to other states are managed by the Ministry of Education, Research, sport and Youth, through the General Department for International and European Relations, based on proposals from the authorities of the candidate’s country of residence.  

Scholarships As per the External Interests of Romania/ Romanian Government Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships are offered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to young students coming from countries with which Romania has not perfected international cultural cooperation agreements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer scholarships to international students at all level of higher studies- bachelor, master’s and doctorate. 

Categories of Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant scholarships:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants scholarships for the following degree cycles: 
  • For the first cycle (license): This scholarship programme is for graduates of high school, as well as for students who need the recognition of  the partial studies in another university or country to be carried out in Romania. 
  • For the 2nd cycle (master): The scholarship is offered to the graduates of university/post graduate studies.
  • For the 3rd cycle (doctorate/PhD): The scholarship is offered to the graduates of university/postgraduate studies, i.e. master’s studies
Priority Areas: Candidates applying to the following fields/areas are given priority:
  • Romanian culture and civilization
  • Political and administrative sciences
  • Education studies
  • Technical studies
  • Journalism
  • Arts and music
  • Oil and gas
  • Agricultural studies
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Architecture
Language of Study: In order to promote Romanian language and culture, according to the Ministry of National Education (MNE), the beneficiary/receiver of the scholarships must study only in the Romanian language. The candidates who do not know the Romanian language are provided one supplementary preparatory year to study the language. And the candidates who know the Romanian language are required to pass a language test conducted by the capable higher education institutions.

Applying Ways and Means

To be considered for this scholarships, candidates’ files are submitted to the Romanian embassy/consulate overseas or to the diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest of the countries of origin. 

** Applications files must have all the documents in English, Romania or French language. 
Documents required for the application file are:
  • Cover letter issued by the diplomatic mission of the country of origin accredited to Bucharest or of the Romanian Embassy in the respective country. 
  • MFA Application form for scholarship in Romania: It should be completely filled.
  • MNE (Ministry of National Education) Application form (Annex 2) for the acceptance letter to study in Romania
  • Study documents authorised copy, along with their authorised translation in English, Romanian or French language
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of passport and four recent passport-size photos
  • Medical certificate stating the candidates is not suffering from any contagious disease or any other illness
  • Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae

Scholarship Benefits

Candidates who are selected through this Romanian scholarship scheme are given the following benefits:
  • Free of cost education
  • Free of cost accommodation, depending upon the availability
  • For undergraduate students: They are given about 65 Euro per month
  • For Master studies and specialization: They are given an the equivalent in Romanian currency of 75 Euro per month
  • For postgraduate students (doctorate degree): They are given an the equivalent in Romanian currency of 85 Euro per month
These Romanian scholarships do not include personal expenses and international transport. International pupils are required to pay for their accommodation in the university student hostels.  
To know more about the scholarships offered by the Romanian government, visit the official site 

Scholarships by Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises

Scholarships are offered through the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade and Business Environment, in order to encourage and advance the economic and commercial cooperation activities.

Scholarships by Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports

Scholarships are offered through the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports to international students having good academic results.

Romanian Scholarships for Romanian Ctizens Living Abroad

Students who wish to complete their studies with scholarships in a Romanian university, can apply to the Department for Romanians Abroad (DRP) and MECTS. Department for Romanians Abroad scholarships are provided in order to-
  •  Support studies in Romania
  • Encourage and further the Romanian language, civilization and culture
  • Specialise young Romanians living overseas in their career
  • Encourage research on topics such as the state, the dynamic and the developments and growth of the Romanian communities overseas
Romanian citizens staying overseas can study without DRP scholarship by applying directly to university of their choice with an admission/entrance exam. Studies are to be carried out under the same conditions applied to other Romanian citizens, i.e. without paying the tuition fees, if they meet the requirements for budgeted places or by paying the same fees as other Romanian citizens.

 Romanian Scholarships on Academic Performances

International pupils, who began their studies in Romania on their own expenses, can obtain Romanian scholarships from the second course. Some universities provide scholarships to pupils having outstanding academic records. 
To know more about such scholarships, contact the administration office of the respective university.

For exclusive details see Education Funding.
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