Study Visa for Romania

EU/EEA and Swiss country nationals, as well as citizens of Japan, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Canada, Moldavia, USA, Croatia, and South Korea are exempt from visa requisites. Students coming from these countries can enter the Romanian territory with a simple custom stamp and can live in the country for up to 90 days. After the completion of 90 days, the residence permit can be extended by the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, for duration that shall not go beyond 1 year. This is done within Romania.

All the other citizens, i.e. non-EU/EEA and Swiss nationals, are required to apply for a student visa before their arrival. A student visa is issued for a period of 30-90 days within which the pupil has to finish the registration process at the university and apply for the student residence permit which is valid for one year.

Applying Ways and Means

You can apply for student visa once the Ministry of Education in Romania has issued the acceptance letter/admission letter. To apply for the student visa for Romania, you must fill out an application form and submit it along with the required documents to your nearest Romanian embassy/consulate

Pupils who have come to Romania to study can apply for a long-stay visa. They can also apply for the extension if they already possess the long-stay visa and receive a residence permit. The request for the residence permit and extension must be addressed to the Romanian Office for Immigration within the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior.

Documentation for Long Stay Visa for Studies

Following documents are required:
  • Acceptance letter from Romanian Ministry of education;
  • Proof of tuition fees payment for 1 year 
  • Proof of financial resources 
  • Criminal record certificate or another document of the same legal value;
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of the visa validity;
  • Approval of the parents or the foster parents for stay in Romania for study purpose, if you’re a minor

Requirements/Documents At the Arrival in Romania

Carry the following documents with you:
  • Passport with a valid visa
  • A copy of the official admission letter
  • At least 2500 USA dollars (approx. 1800 Euro) with you in-hand or other way of indicating that you have sufficient funds for living and studying in Romania

Processing Time

The Visa is generally issued within 30 days after the application is submitted, if all documents are in order.

Visa Application Fees

The visa application fee varies. So contact the concerned embassy/consulate. 

Temporary Residence Permit

Students after arriving Romanian and taking admittance at a university must apply for the residence permit. The residence permit is valid for one year and must be renewed every year. However, for pupils on scholarship from their respective countries or from the Romanian Government, the residence permit is generally issued for the entire period of their studies.

Following documents are required for residence permit:

Application form from the immigration office: It should be completely filled. 

Evidence of tuition fee payment issued by the respective University in Romania 

Copy of acceptance letter for studies issued by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports

Medical certificate: It can be issued by a public or private medical institution in Romania, stating that you do not suffer from any contagious disease.

Evidence of Medical Insurance for those who are above 26 years old.

Accommodation proof: House contract must be submitted

A valid passport bio-data page and the page showing the entry date at the Romanian border

Proof of sufficient funds: Can be bank statement or sponsor letter.

Two recent passport photographs

For latest updates and to apply for study visa refer to official website of Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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